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Woodworking machine manufacturer

Dongguan Chenzhan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a trusted manufacturer of wooden furniture production equipment. We produce machinery such as mortising machines, drilling machines, multi-functional woodworking machines and copy shapers which are used to carry out a number of woodworking functions to create high quality wood furniture for some of the foremost manufacturers in the industry. Innovation is one of our biggest strengths as an enterprise.

We have a hardworking research and development team that are continuously coming up with new and exciting technologies to improve upon existing products and make entirely new ones. Contact us today to learn more about our outstanding machinery and our company in general.

  • Woodwork Manufacturing Solutions

    Chenzhan (CZ) Machinery provides a complete set of solid wood furniture manufacture solutions, ranging from drilling, tapping and double-cutting to copying, mortising and tenoning.

  • Product Strength

    Our hot-sale products include CNC mortising machine, double-end tenoning machine, automatic chamfering, drilling and tapping machine, automatic chair back drilling and tapping machine and so forth.

  • Team Strength

    We have an innovative and professional R&D team which has a strong technological ability and focuses on how to improve the quality and performance of solid wood furniture machines.


Chenzhan Machinery is a professional enterprise specialized in fabricating all kinds of automatic CNC furniture producing equipment. Our equipment can complete the functions of slot mortising, tenoning, drilling, dowelling, chamfering, tapping, cutting and so on. Our equipment has been widely used for making dining tables and chairs, bedroom cabinets, hat and coat stands, and so on.

  • For making dining table and chair

    CZ Machinery wood processing machines can be used for slot mortising, tenoning, chamfering, drilling, tapping, cutting and other manufacturing processes for making dining tables and chairs.

  • For making bedroom cabinet

    The wood processing machines we provide can be used for slot mortising, dowelling, chamfering, drilling, reaming and other manufacturing processes for the production of bedroom cabinets.

  • For making hat and coat stand

    The quality of a hat and coat stand depends on the precision of the drilling and tapping processes. We can provide professional solutions for making hat and coat stands.


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